Can we know what the Bible really said at the beginning? How did the English Bible that we have in our hands come together? Is it really true that there are hundreds of thousands of variants in the New Testament manuscripts? Did a church council decide which books are in the Bible? How was the Bible preserved through out the years? Are we missing books from our Bibles? Are there contradictions in Scripture? Can I trust the Bible?

These and more are questions that are raised from time to time. Can we really trust the Bible? Yes, we can. We are starting a new series on “Can You Trust the Bible?” This is the home page for this series, and links will be updated below.

My plan is for this series to, at least for the most part, follow a teaching series that I have begun. You should be able to find videos in the future from these teachings from this link,

Do you or people around you have questions? Feel free to ask them in the comments. May God be glorified and His people strengthened.

What Does the Bible Claim To Be?

Are the Right Books Included in the New Testament?

Are We Missing Books from the New Testament?

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