Need some encouragement? Here are a few quotes from J.C. Ryle:

We see in these verses, how well our Lord foreknew the weakness and infirmity of His disciples. He tells them plainly what they were going to do. ‘All ye shall be offended because of me this night.’ He tells Peter in particular of the astounding sin which he was about to commit: ‘This night, before the cock crow, thou shalt deny me thrice.’

Yet our Lord’s fore-knowledge did not prevent His choosing these twelve disciples to be His apostles. He allowed them to be His intimate friends and companions, knowing perfectly well what they would one day do. He granted them the mighty privilege of being continually with Him, and hearing His voice, with a clear foresight of the melancholy weakness and want of faith which they would exhibit at the end of His ministry. This is a remarkable fact, and deserves to be had in continual remembrance.

Expository Thoughts On Mark (Banner of Truth). From Mark 14:26-31.

One more quote:

Let us learn to pass a charitable judgment on the conduct of professing believers. Let us not set them down in a low place, and say they have no grace, because we see in them much weakness and corruption. Let us remember that our Master in heaven bears with their infirmities, and let us try to bear with them too. The Church of Christ is little better than a great hospital. We ourselves are all, more or less, weak, and all daily need the skilful treatment of the heavenly Physician.

Expository Thoughts On Mark (Banner of Truth). From Mark 14:26-31.

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