You only ever meet two people. Just two. No more. No less.

The Bible has a wonderful way of simplifying. Psalm 1, the first of 150 Psalms (songs) in the book of Psalms, gives us a description of ever person to ever live and it does so in 6 verses: 3 for the blessed and 3 for the wicked. Those are the only two people you will ever meet, the blessed (righteous) and the wicked.

Certainly, there are varying degrees along these two paths. Some have ventured down each path a greater distance, others, less. But still, only two roads to be on.

What are the characteristics of these two people? The blessed person keeps away from sin and the advice of the ungodly. He loves and delights in God’s Word. And he is compared to a tree that is planted by the streams of water.

The wicked are not like the righteous. They are not like a tree, and they do not delight in God’s Word nor keep themselves from evil ways. They are like chaff, which is easily blown away. They will be separated from the righteous one day. They will ultimately perish forever.

One of the most interesting parts of Psalm 1 is that it never directly tells us to do anything. It gives a picture of the righteous and the wicked. And we must ask ourselves this: which picture do we find ourselves in? For there are only two types of people in the world. We only have two options. Two ways. Two ultimate destinations.

(To listen to a recent sermon I preached on Psalm 1, click here)

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