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It would have been strange ten years ago (indeed, it’s still strange) to write about “Why Christians only believe in two genders.” Why? Because everyone believed in only two genders regardless of their religious beliefs. It was the norm, as it had been for all of human history. But it’s becoming increasingly more common for gender (more properly called “sex”) to be seen as non-binary, fluid, a spectrum, or even something that doesn’t exist.

And this shouldn’t surprise us. We’ve been taught that we’re animals, products of the evolutionary process. Seeing that this is the case, as we’re told, then there is no god, and if no god then no right and wrong. In step with the subjectivism of our culture is that every person has a right to live and believe anything they want without ever being told their wrong. The only real evil today is objecting to someone’s own personal beliefs or actions. “How can he say that it’s wrong to marry your cat? He’s so mean.”

The Real Problem

Yes, we have many problems. But there is one underlining problem that is almost always over looked. Not only is our society subjective. Not only do we think we can do anything and everything we choose and still be fine people. But we are rebels. All that has been described above are simply the symptoms and outcomes of rebellion against God. There is a God in heaven and He still speaks. We are made in His image. We have innate knowledge given to us by Him. Our consciences bear witness of God. Nature tells us about Him. And His Word, the Bible, tells us clearly what He expects and demands from us.

The Bible is clear that there are only two genders. Jesus says, “And He answered and said unto them, ‘Have you not read, that He which made them at the beginning made them male and female’” (Matthew 19:4). He is quoting from Genesis about the creation account. There is no evidence in the Bible, not even a hint, of different genders besides male and female. Not only has God made people male or female, He says that it is a sin for a male to dress like a female, or vice versa (Deuteronomy 22:5). Why? One reason is that to do so is rebellion against our Creator. God has made us one way, and to want to be different is a rejection of Him and His good plan for us.

The Difference

Why do Christians only believe in two genders? It is not because we are under authority. Every person on earth today is under the same authority, God Himself. The reason why Christians believe in two genders is because we accept the authority that is over us and do not reject it. Yes, one could look at biology, human history, and the harm and confusion that transgenderism is doing to people. These would all point to the fact of there only being two genders. You could use this type of thinking when compared to other areas of life. Can a white person be black, simply because he thinks he is? Can a 5’10 person be 6’8, because that is who he really believes that he is? Can a very skinny person be a body builder, because that’s how he feels he really is? No one would agree with this line of thinking. But when a man says that he is a woman, are we suppose to believe that? You know we’re not.


I know there are people who are hurting, confused, and in need of help. The church must love and seek to help these people. But we will never help them by affirming them in a lie. To do so would be hate, not love. Love speaks the truth. Hate speaks falsehood. The reality is that all of us don’t feel completely at home in our bodies because non of us are exactly what God made us to be. Because of sin, we will never be at home until we receive new bodies at the resurrection of the dead and are with the Lord forever. Until that time, we must all be repenting of sin and trusting in Jesus Christ as our Savior. However, even now in this life, we can experience joy and happiness. Jesus Christ not only came to forgive us of our sins, but to change our lives and our ways of thinking. Humble yourself before Him and He will help you.

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