I wanted to recommend a very helpful book entitled Evangelical Feminism: A New Path To Liberalism? by Wayne Grudem (Crossway Books, 2006). Grudem warns and shows how evangelical feminist arguments for the removal of the traditional understanding of men and women (equal in being, but with different roles) is undermining the authority of Scripture and leading some to liberalism. He goes through many of these arguments (arguments that would want to show that women can be pastors) and answers them. In some of the later chapters he argues where evangelical feminism leads to, and chapter headings include; “The Next Step: Denial Of Anything Uniquely Masculine,” “Another Troubling Step: God Our Mother,” and “The Final Step: Approval Of Homosexuality.” I highly recommend this book to you and I think you would find it very helpful in being able to answer many evangelical feminist arguments from a biblical perspective.

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