There is much unrest in America. I don’t have to tell you this. You see it for yourself. Many begin to think of looting, rioting, the destruction of hard earned property, and the death of innocent lives. There are calls for reforms, abuses of authority, and disrespect for authority.

Despite the corruption and wickedness happening in our country, many pastors and churches should pause before speaking out against these things. Do I say this because churches and pastors need to be careful how they speak about politics? Though this is true, this isn’t the reason. The truth is in many American churches there has not been law and order for decades or even longer. Open unrepentant violations of Scripture have been tolerated year after year. The authority of the Bible has been disregarded. And everyone is a Christian, no matter what they believe or do. How can we speak about wickedness and lawlessness when we never speak about the wickedness and lawlessness in our churches? If we are going to speak about injustice and the lack of law and order then let us start with the most important place and where the greatest need is: the local churches that claim the name of Jesus Christ.

What am I talking about? Am I talking about kicking out anyone who sins in the church? No. Am I talking about telling those who struggle with sin, but want help, to go elsewhere? No. Am I talking about going around and trying to find out every wrong every person is doing? No.

I’m talking about taking seriously our Lord’s commands for those in the church who live in unrepentant sin (for example, Matthew 18:15-17). Those who may be committing grievous sin. Who know what they should do but refuse to do it. Who are rebels toward God even though they confess to serve Him.

I’m talking about taking the church of Jesus Christ seriously. There are clear instructions given to us by our Lord on how the church is to be (for example, much of the book of 1 Timothy).

I’m talking about seeing the Triune God as the most precious, wonderful, enjoyable, glorious Being, and seeking to live in accordance with this truth.

What am I calling for? I am simply calling for churches and pastors to begin thinking about these things. Have you thought about these things in light of the local church, or your own life? Have you thought about what kind of order the Bible tells churches to have? Have you thought about who God is and what He demands?

Is the lawlessness in America disturbing? Yes. But the lawlessness that exists in churches is even more disturbing. With God’s help, let us begin to think about what He would have us do in our own situations.

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