The Christian life is a life of joy. Yes, tribulation and sorrow – this world is not our home – but joy. God put us on earth, one reason being, to enjoy what He made. The Bible says that He gave us all things to richly enjoy (1 Timothy 6:17). However, in the midst of our happiness, we can at times hear a whisper in our souls reminding us that only God can satisfy. If this earthly happiness was all that we had, how miserable we would be when awakened to reality.

It builds my faith to have the reality that God alone can satisfy impressed upon my soul. It reminds me that God is really there (how weak my faith can be at times). It also helps me see that God is there for me to enjoy if I will draw near to Him.

Enjoy life, enjoy the things that God has given you. But we must make God our greatest treasure or all our earthly joy will only be empty moments, when our face and heart for a moment show happiness, only to then remember that this is all there is. Praise God; there is so much more.

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