If you’re thinking of aborting your unborn child, or speaking to someone who is, please consider the following six reasons for saving the life of the unborn.

1. Love Your Neighbor As Yourself

It may sound simple, but when you really begin to think of Jesus’ statement to “love your neighbor as yourself” you see that it speaks to every situation in life. This includes abortion. Think of yourself. Aren’t you glad that your mother chose life instead of death for you? That you were given the chance to live your own life? When you, or anyone else, are thinking clearly about life, aren’t you glad to be alive? And if you are glad to be alive, doesn’t that mean the right thing to do is to allow your child to live, to love him or her the way you love yourself?

2. Honor God Above All

If you are thinking of an abortion then you most likely have outside forces pressuring you. A parent? Boyfriend? Friends? Boss? Your career goals? There may be people you think are very important who want you to abort. But have you thought about God? What does your Creator in heaven want you to do? No matter what others may want, or even you, we are to honor God above all, and God clearly wants you to save your child. We honor Him by obeying Him.

3. There is Help

Help can be found. If you need help the best thing for you is to reach out now, not later. It may be a friend, or a church, or a teacher. Reach out now. This decision is too important to wait. You can go to www.optionline.org for help.

4. Abortion is Another Word for Murder

The word “abortion” really hides what is happening when a child is aborted. Abortion is murder. The Bible makes clear that unborn children are just as much children as those who have been born. When a mother aborts her child she is really murdering him or her. It is killing the baby in the place where the child should be the safest on earth; in their mother’s womb. God’s judgment will be upon all murders (for those who have already had an abortion see below). We must fear God and do whatever it takes to obey Him. If we seek to do right, He will help us. Don’t put the blood of your child on your hands, the same child that God wants you to cherish.

5. Adoption

There are many couples who would love to adopt your child if that is what you would want. Adoption is a great option that allows your precious child to live and blesses another family at the same time.

6. Hope

There is hope for you and for your child. People want to help. Many have been in your shoes before and are now so happy that they did not abort their child. But true hope goes beyond this life. God gave His only Son, Jesus, to die for us so that we could be brought back to Him. Our sins, though many, were laid on Jesus on the cross and He suffered for us as a sacrifice. On the third day He arose from the grave, came back to life, to show everyone that He was God’s Son and that our sins have been paid for. All who will humbly return to God and turn away from their sins will have mercy and forgiveness. This is the message for you, and the message that one day you can tell to your child.

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